If you play for real money in an online casino, you want value for money. This means that the winnings have to be really good - but not just that. The experience should also live up to this. At newzealand-online-casino.xyz we know exactly what our players are after. They are exactly as hungry for winnings and good entertainment like ourselves. Once the reels start moving, the proper fun starts. And it does not end until we have a nice sum in our accounts and ask for a payout onto our private accounts. The key to make it as far as that is to play the right games. Make sure you can pick the good pokies from the not so good ones!

Types of jackpot games

One kind of a game that you should definitely look into are the jackpot games. They have that little bit extra to offer in comparison to other games, where you just pick up your wins from the winning lines. Suddenly the incentive is there to play one or the other round extra. If you are patient enough and also have a little bit of luck on your side, the payouts may actually be very healthy. There have been some jackpot wins in the past that were so high that they made it into the media. And it was not just some small town paper - these news about giant jackpots went all around the world!

Generally, there are two types of jackpots to be seen in the area of the pokies. One of them is the regular or fixed jackpot. It is always the same amount, which you can read out of the game description. How high the amount is is obviously different from game to game. The other type of jackpot is the progressive jackpot, which in turn is not limited to a certain amount. It sum adds up from all the bets the players make. Every single spin will add a little bit to the jackpot until some lucky player strikes gold. Then the jackpot could easily up into several million dollars. That is really worth some games!

Learn to judge the variance

There is more to pokies and wins than just the fact that there is a jackpot or not of course. One decisive factor for the feeling of a player in the game can be the variance of a slot game. You can also find this value when your read the game description in detail. Generally speaking, it describes how often you can expect wins to happen and how high or low they will be. The basic distinction is between high and low variance games. However, there are also games that are somewhere in between. These are usually the pokies that are striking neither of the extreme high wins, nor the extreme frequency of wins.

  • Choose games according to their variance
  • Play Jackpot pokies for high wins

High variance games can be really exciting. They are made for the players who can live with the thrill of really big wins, which would of course only rarely appear on the reels. But once you win in these games, you would generally win really big. Then there is the other extreme, the low variance slot. This type of game pays out wins very regularly. These wins are neither particularly low, nor particularly high though. They keep you slightly entertained, but to see a big difference either way, you would have to play for a very long time. Of course you can do this to test your patience, but it is not everyone's cup of tea.


The bigger the merrier

Winning big is what we are all about. And let's face it - it is what most players are all about. It is also what the casinos are all about. Or at least it is what they try to tell you. Keep in mind that the big big wins are few and far between. Some players make the experience and others might just keep pumping their money into the jackpots instead of cracking these. The single most important however is to take the pokies for what they actually are. They are pure entertainment to help you killing some time or having a wind down of sorts. And if you are really lucky, you even get rich with them!